Monday, February 21, 2011

Flighty Maps

A few months ago I visited someone down in Orlando, Florida.  My return flight was on Continental Airlines (which officially became United days before my departure), on a Boeing 757.  This plane was bigger than the 737 I took as my departing flight, but did not have the DirecTV option, which meant no live television for me. The back-of-seat monitors did have an interesting feature though:
Look at that! It's my intended flightpath, updating live! Well actually when I took the picture we were still on the ground.  The map didn't have as much user control as I would have liked, but it did shuffle between zoom levels:
It would have been nice to view the flight path at this zoom level by control throughout the flight, but if it was an option I couldn't figure it out.  I spent most of the flight watching whatever episode of The Office they had available. I wonder if they perhaps intentionally chose for this flight to have the episode with Kathy Bates as the CEO of Sabre, the fictional Florida company that buys Dunder Mifflin.
Anyway, I thought this was a neat little feature and I wish United would tweak it and keep it, unless United already has a better version that they can ship to the Continental fleet.

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